Spitbank Fort: mid-Victorian fortress island turned into a hotel


ur, Portsmouth - you ever been there Cory?

It’s a nice idea, but it looks really tacky, pseudo-luxury, with the coloured LEDs and cheap imitation furniture. The bedrooms look like a tart’s boudoir.

So it’s a luxury hotel that has absolutely no attractions you can walk to? Sort of like a cruise ship that doesn’t go anywhere. I guess it has some novelty, although it seems somewhat impractical as a hotel location.

The promo video is so earnest.

Very bold writing “Spit” on the bottles of water.

It’s changed a bit since I visited it in the summer of 83 with my then girlfiend. It had just opened as a museum. We heard tales from the owners about what it was like for them living there in the winter, the wind blows the rain through the smallest gaps. Great place to explore!

There are in fact three such forts in Portsmouth estury mouth. One (Horse sand) is a museum, one (No mans land) has been a luxury Hotel for quite some time (and was my Z-day survival, long term zone, for the past 5 years and
the last is Spitbank.

There is already one in the No Mans Land fort (one of the twin forts to this in the area), though I think it has been for sale since before this one was bought, but I may be long about that last.

I suspect you may be thinking of Horse Sand fort a twin of this one in the same area that was converted to a time capsule museum.

Oh, I know the area well, I lived in Eastney for a couple of years and Gosport even longer. Horse Sand may be a museum now but back in the mid 80s it was derelict and Spitbank was the museum. However it didn’t work out for the owners.

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