Picasso painting sets world record price


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I was like this close to getting it, but that bastard from Bern just wouldn’t let go.


Great, more gratuitous FEMALE nudity.


This is just a measure of wealth disparity.


“Seems like Picasso left his wallet at home. Just sell this little doodle at any art gallery. I’m Picasso!”

-Jon Lovitz in an old SNL sketch that, astoundingly, I’m unable to find online.


Pablo Picasso, by The Burning Sensations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wD0JhbgYJqY


You Ain’t No Picasso. Very early Bishop Allen.

i must give a hat tip to the people at the Marketplace Morning Report for their reporting on this. the announcer firmly jammed his tongue in his cheek and announced that a painting by a little-known artist by the name of Pie-Case-Oh broke the record for world record price. made me snort into my coffee.

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Not too far from reality… I recall a story about a couple well known artists (cant recall the names) on a major bender until they ran out of money – one of them slapped a painting together and went out to sell it to a gallery so that the festivities could continue (however, I don’t think that they were successful in making a sale).

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IIRC Picasso would write checks for EVERYTHING. So no one would cash his $8 check for groceries because the signature was worth more. That could be an urban legend, someone look it up.

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My parents dined at a restaurant in Florida that had a framed Dali drawing on the wall. He did a doodle and handed it to the waiter and said something like, “This will cover the cost of my meal.” They never sold it because it was worth much more than the food.

@Mister44 Offhand I don’t know about Picasso but Basquiat would hand over doodles to pay for coffee and cigarettes when he was short on cash, and then complain when they showed up in galleries for $500 or more.

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The last painting of any significance Picasso did was Guernica. And Dora Marr was the brains behind that.

i’ve heard this same thing attributed to Dali and Warhol, so i don’t know if it’s apocryphal or not. i know that if my signature or a doodle could get me free stuff, i’d be handing them out on a whim, that’s for sure.

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