Pick up some vintage typewriters at this California shop's gone-out-of-business sale

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No comments so far, but I guess vintage typewriter nerds have no way of posting.


“Ah this is a typewriter I’ve been looking…”

“Sorry, Tom Hanks just came in and bought everything”


The grey one and the olive one next to the adding machine in the photo look like the one my grandpa used to own. I miss the days of vacation visits to their home, and being allowed to play on his typewriter or my grandmother’s piano.




I’ll be in the area at the end of next month, by then I expect everything will be gone.

There’s a Royal in one photo that is very similar to the one I used in high school, I wouldn’t mind having it for nostalgia’s sake.

Typewriters have personality.



Our library could use some of the Wheelwriters. We still use them for labels, ours keep breaking, and repairing them is getting more and more problematic.

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When I was a teen my mom used to say she I needed to enroll me on a typing class, because, you know, jobs required those skills. I am glad she never pushed, I never cared, and the world changed. But I sure like those old machines.
My young niece once looked at one and said “computer!” That was right about the time she tried to swipe a translucent plastic menu at a fast-food counter.


So I’m wondering how you entered the above comment where it says “Type Here” in the BB commenting window?


If it wasn’t so far north, I’d be willing to nab a couple of these for you guys. As it stands, I’m too far south. Too bad it’s not San Diego.

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You say that like it’s a good thing.

We still need typing skills though.

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Borrowed a Selectric from work once, and threw my back out lifting it. Everything IBM makes is so damn heavy. I don’t need any more doorstops, so I’ll pass.

An assistant who took a typing class?

Probably “the school of hard knocks,” but I like to imagine someone hiring an assistant to post comments on BoingBoing.

This is not what I expected when I applied for 'social media coordinator.


My parents, despite computers being classrooms, found one of the last real typing classes in my area. I still remember the dark room, the gray clockwork wound bun on the teachers head, and how my fingers used to disappear into machines as I typed. I can remember the still smell that oil, and the sound of those drills, “Q, D, H, J, I, O, N, X, 4…” I am so thankful for the training. I have dyslexia and dysgraphia. My father my a living for a time writing, and he was a hunt-and-peck typist, albeit a fast one. His kids were going to do better than that. I needed to learn to type just to be able to keep up with school work.

I use a typewriter most days. For me, it’s the clearest and least expensive way to label something. More importantly, In the morning I sit with my kids before school, and type up their menus. I have done that for over 3 years now, typos included. I sometimes forget to include items too, but they don’t seem to care. I do it for a number of reasons. I have difficulty reading to them, and when my eldest was at preschool it guaranteed she was read to by somebody everyday. It also helped me introduce and reinforce vocabulary words. It also forces me to not worry about my printing or spelling, and to get past my own hang-ups. It has helped my kids explore new foods. Setting up a food as the “challenging food of the week” has helped my eldest try new foods, or engage other kids or parents about the food during lunch. I also get to be a little creative with the mundane task of preparing food for the creatures that metaphorically bite the hands that feed them.

Humm- what was Lime slaw? Typo or last second gastronomic invention?


What’s “nooch”?

I suppose this is the thread to mention the translation bureau I walked past on a recent trip to Essen in Germany, which had typewriters in many different languages as its window display:


Nooch is slang for nutritional yeast. Also called hippie flakes (really by just me), hippie dust, yeshi, savory yeast, and sometimes wrongly called brewers yeast. No matter what it’s called, it named terribly- but it’s a good flavoring. My kids love it.

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Anybody tell Tom Hanks?