Type samples from Smith-Coronas


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Sounds like I will need this book!

I miss the Smith-Corona manual typewriter I had in Tacoma. Left it behind when I moved back to AK.

Fortunately I found my older Smith-Corona manual typewriter (found in a church basement sale in Fairbanks for $6 in 1991, wrote many papers and plays and short stories on the thing). Unfortunately, it could have used a trip to the typewriter repair shop on 6th avenue in Tacoma.

Wound up selling it for $20 at a yard sale this summer. Which hurt a bit, but I needed the money.

At least I still have my Hermes 3000 portable. It’s very pale lime green!


Rob, try What the Font, either the website or app. It identified Classic Elite No. 86 as FF Magda Clean Mono OT Regular.

FF Magda Clean Mono OT Regular: https://www.myfonts.com/fonts/fontfont/ff-magda-clean-mono/


How flexible! To change out the font, all you have to do is use a different typewriter.
No wonder Selectrics took over the world.


I wonder how many of these Tom Hanks has in his collection.


Puttering around google for this post, I found someone’s old lament that they had to exchange their Smith Corona for a different model because someone bought them the Artistic Script model by mistake. Can you imagine! A typewriter stuck on that adorable but basically useless font.


Hey! I’ve got a cursive font Smith-Corona electric stored away! Weighs a ton though; you could really crush Kathy Bates’ skull with that baby.


I remember my Smith Corona from college. It was one of the ones with easily swappable cartridges so that you could pop out the black cartridge for the correcting cartrigdge. Being a poor typist, I got pretty good at that.


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