Man selling $100,000 collection of 600 vintage Smith-Corona typewriters


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I wouldn’t mind buying one at that price, but I don’t really need 600.


“I collected the typewriters and related items from … four Canadian provinces and three foreign



The way I write I’d need a hundred grand’s worth of White-Out to go with the collection.


I think that many Americans think of Canadian provinces as part of America in the same way that Canadians think of the Canadian territories.

That is, when they bother to think about Canadian provinces at all.

Which, now that I think about it, just reinforces the point about Canadians and the Territories.


Your analogy breaks down when you consider the fact that the territories are part of Canada.


Ironically advertised using the technology that made these collectors’ items obsolete.


If a Royal typewriter got into a fight with a Smith-Corona, which one will win?


smith-corona should be buying this collection for their corporate HQ

edit: holy cannoli! - they’re still in business - well, bankrupt then over into the thermal ribbons and labels business, but still


I don’t know if it’s still there, but they used to have a very nice little museum at their corporate office and factory in Cleveland.


You know all it would take is 60,000 monkeys and then we’d have a Shakespeare sonnet.


Well, to make a long story short, they kissed and made up and one thing lead to another and that’s how we got Crown Royal.


ZOMG, the purple one!


Sadly I didn’t see a Smith Royal model 10 linowriter, I’ve always wanted one. (it’s a typewriter with an etaoin shrdlu linotype keyboard…


Trying to find a manual typewriter that’s in usable condition is really difficult. I’ve got two so far … neither working particularly well. I’m not quite handy enough to fix them myself. Don’t buy a new one. It’s cheap and terrible out of the box. It’s one of my two. :laughing:

I wish he was selling the collection (or part of it anyway) by piece for my sake if nothing else. It’s niche, no doubt, but there are still a few of us out there using (or wanting to use) a manual.


I wonder if Tom Hanks, a typewriter collector himself knows?


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