Piglet walking on a ball sneaks through ticket collection gate

Even just the notion of it.

So, just like humans really.

What have pigs ever done for us?

And this one wants to join the circus.

For me, even before the head snaps, it was the steady path and velocity of the ball that was the giveaway.
Whole thing’s too stable from the get-go.


Its performance in Pygmalion was quite unorthodox, too.


Ah yes, that memorable portrayal as a male chauvinist.
“The rhine in Spine gows gently darn the drine”

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Saw a comedian once who dared the audience to say that line to our lovers after coitus. I have not yet dared.


I’ve only ever encountered pigs in open pastures and they very much are the friendly, curious oink oink kind. Dirty and loud, yeah? I suspect it is their living conditions that make them disgusting to you, which would be like blaming prisoners for being unkempt and lacking etiquette.


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