Pile of logs cabin




That doesn’t look like a pile of logs – it looks like a grade school art project (a step up from gluing macaroni to a cigar box…)
I would have Ai WeiWei design one for me.


The outside looks mediocre at best (something is jarring about where the “real” logs are met by the flat log segments - a sudden change in color and conformity of width, perhaps) and the inside is absolutely terrible. I hope he didn’t pay TOO much for it…


It’s like camoflauge!

Well, more like trying to hide in a sombrero factory by dressing like a clown, really.


Let rot set in. That end grain will suck up water and the logs are unpeeled. Hopefully there is something durable under the veneer.


Wow, interesting guy


I can’t think of many nastier things than an office. I’d fuckin’ hate to find one in the woodpile.


Looks like a secret porn lab in the woods to me.


That’s called “cordwood construction” and it can be used to build a pretty substantial cottage. The building in this article is also pictured on this page, and some of the other projects have more charm.


Except its all keyboard, no mouse and screen.


Pretty sure the lab is offline. The magazines are under the cabinet in there, next to the lotion.


It looks like the kind of office someone would have built in the 80s, complete with repainted schoolchair and harsh angles.

It’s a good thing it is in the woods, since it doesn’t appear to have a bathroom either.


Haha. Ever watch his comedy? It’s funny if you’re an old lady.


The one in this picture is a well built log cabin (rather than a box with wood stuck on it).

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