Pirate treasure is real. Here's how we found it

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Great story.

So, there is a bathtub with 5 million in it, unguarded, in an unassuming Miami home owned by an older gentleman who uses pricelss plates, from his kitchen cabinets?

I’m sure he is safer now that that info is out there. Miami is notoriously law abiding and safe. Well done, otherwise. Interesting saga.

But seriously, I don’t think it’s concern trolling to say this guy is maybe less safe today than he was yesterday. That sounds like untold riches.

Then again… maybe he’s just an X on a map… and not real at all?

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Maybe they used a different name? Or he moved before the book was published?

One can hope.

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I’m not sure this story is in the book as written here. I could be wrong. One can hope.

And if it is fiction, I think that makes it good fiction.

Hasn’t the wreck off Beaufort NC been positively identified as Blackbeard’s Queen Anne’s Revenge? That’s two confirmed pirate ships.

Can’t wait to read ‘Treasure Hunters’! Would love to add it to our books collection - https://www.purepirate.com/pirate-books

This is a great excerpt from the book, and it really makes me want to read it.

It just occurred to me (duh) that is might be a paid placement. Which I’m absolutely fine with.

If so, I’m glad publishers are supporting the journalism work Boing Boing is doing with this excerpt. It is good and it also fits into the BB world.


It is.

The article title, on the other hand, …
Pirate treasure is real. Here’s how we found it.
… is click-baity nonsense.


I agree. I just can’t bring myself to drop $20 on the hardcover.

Yes. I was hoping there was a pseudonym, or a different city, or something. But nope. This excerpt might as well be titled, “One weird trick to become a millionaire overnight.”

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like treasure maps do. :wink:

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