Pixatool turns images into pallette-perfect pixel art


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Well shit, that’s mighty impressive.


I’ve always wanted to make a side scrolling video game and use real world locations but make it look 8 bit. Mayhap this would help.



selective gaussian blur 5-10px/10 Max delta, repeat two to three times>raise contrast and saturation 20-30 points each>pixelize blur 10-15px>(optional)posterize to desired color pallette

I just saved you $30.


whoops, forgot, add 5px of gaussian blur to the front there


This reads like an ad for Pixatool, really.



Use the same palette pushpins come in and you’re on your way to making a pushpin portrait.


Considering the amount of time people have to invest to get to know GIMP, I’d say those with the thirty bucks will end up spending it. Heck, even those with full Photoshop and mad skillz will end up paying for it if it’s fun to use.

Convenience has value.


I’ve tried the app. Convenience isn’t what I’d call it.


The amount of time it takes to copy this $30 “app” is the 30 seconds it takes to got through the steps I listed. Pixetool is a gimmick. It produces a reasonable facsimile of pixel art, but nobody who wants real pixel art would ever use this program, and nobody who wants something quick and dirty would need to spend the money on it.

Then Photoshop should be free. 20 years of working with every iteration of GUI change doesn’t make a program more user friendly, it just creates the ability to call any program that doesn’t match your preferred interface “unintuitive”.


Your idealism is noted.


I don’t see why anyone wants to use this tool. Pixelart sucks.


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