“Pixels” movie a sexist pile of crap

It was first, second, and third world… not it’s developed, developing, and undeveloped, and relates to mostly economic status within the global economy, not political alignments.


Have you seen Game of Thrones?

yeah… did you not see my other comments about Dinklage’s work? He’s great in that…

Are you questioning my geek cred here?


I’m still kicking myself for not seeing that in a theater. I couldn’t get anyone (wife, children) to go with me and should’ve just gone by myself. Unless it returns to a big screen I probably won’t bother.

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More like, GoT the TV show is a sexist piece of crap…but take it how you will…

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And how did it go when you tried to teach your grandma to suck eggs?



I’m well aware of the sexism on the show…People can like something and be critical of it, too. For all it’s faults, I still enjoy it. And he’s still great on it. Plus, as @OtherMichael pointed out, we flogged that horse already.

Also, I read the books as well. Much better obviously, but that’s like saying the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, because book > TV show/movie, almost always.


Nope, @Mindysan33 - I think you just done got your feminist credentials served to you in a nice souffle. Please leave your copy of Fear of Flying at the door on your way out.


I haven’t really kept up with him, but I’m not sure why Kevin Nealon should be sullied by that with such an association.

On the other hand…

O’REALLLYYY!!! You think you can come and take it? You and what army, Renly B?


What!? I loved Cap’n Carl! This would have been the first of his appearances that I saw.

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Rent it. It is still good fun on a small screen. It is a love letter from Del Toro to Kaiju films and it is great fun. He hits all the tropes just right.


Thank you for that. So, it’s basically GamerGate: Teh Movie.


Jesus H. Christ. I gave an opinion, I clarified my opinion…so MindySan likes GoT. That’s great. Me, I read the books, enjoyed them, have tried to watch the show, found the changes to be annoying, but the clincher is that I can only watch it when my SO isn’t around, because she can’t stand all the objectification and gore. That was the last nail in the coffin for me; when I realized that, hey, she’s right, it’s pretty terrible, I respected her wishes and stopped watching the misogynist parade of gore. And in places they totally weren’t warranted imho. A shame, really, because it did a decent job of presenting pretty difficult material for TV imho.

And Peter Dinklage is in it. Probably the best actor on it, come to that.

This may not be a fight you want to get into, @OtherMichael


Threshold was pretty good. I mean, not terrible anyway.

I don’t think I’m fighting with @Mindysan33.

But if she’ll be the Loras T. to my Renly B., we can do anything!


Am a subscriber! Should link to them more often, and will.

As @TobinL says, it’s still worth seeing. I watched it for the first time on my 55" TV, in the dark, with the surround sound cranked up, and it was bliss.

Also, the honest trailer for it is pretty awesome (warning - it gives away some plot points, but it didn’t ruin anything for me seeing it before the movie :))