Plane flying from Austin TX to Honduras crashes and breaks in half, and everyone survives

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The survivors from the front of the plane eventually reconnected with the “tailies” in Season 2, but ultimately that whole plot line turned out to be pretty pointless as all the latter characters were written out of the show anyway.


I am imagining this as a plane bisected by a plane, the two halves sitting on the runway and eying one another with reproach.

ETA: I propose coining “Damien Hirst” as a new verb. Example: “The small plane was Damien Hirsted in mid air, but all the passengers were okay.”


I think the video/TV channel providing that video have got the wrong name. Should be ‘Rupturely’ not ‘Ruptly’

Then suddenly Honduras disappeared and reappeared in the middle of the Indian Ocean.


Alternate headline: “Plane full of Unbreakables all simultaneously lose their cover stories”


So it was a good landing then. Just not an outstanding one.


The pilot did an outstanding job, the passengers were expecting to be in, and sitting, but there it is.

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Tegucigalpa is one of the most difficult airports in the world, with a steep approach angle, last minute turn, and very short runway:


Wow. If I ever plan to visit, it will be by boat.


I knew there was a reason I stopped watching after that…

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Looks like they ought to employ ex-RAF C-130 pilots who’re used to doing Khe Sahn drops in a 70-ton transport aircraft…

Los Irrompibles.


That’ll buff out.


Technically the aircraft “broke” into 3 pieces, fore, over-wing, and tail, which is the typical breakage pattern for most low velocity, straight and level controlled flight into terrain (CFIT) incidents. In case anyone was wondering, the tail section is the most survivable in such cases; the over-wing section has less shock absorbing crumple zones under the passenger cabin because of fuel tanks and landing gear space, and the fore section undergoes slightly more G loading due to collision forces (the fore section either strikes terrain head on absorbing the full impact, or is violently whipped to the ground in reaction to the tail section striking the ground first).


As for LOST fans sorry to say that midair break-up of a fuselage is pretty much a “you’re all going to die” scenario, although there have been cases where individuals have strangely survived.


I don’t want to brag, but just yesterday I didn’t crash a plane.

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