Plane makes dramatic crash landing that severs the cockpit in Somalia (video)

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I don’t think they wanted curbside drop off, but it was considerate of them to offer it.


Looks like everyone survived, thankfully

I’m guessing ‘crash landing’ means it was not meant to land there at all. The veering off the ‘runway’ (or whatever that was) seems to be the result of the wing catching vegetation on the side of the crash landing strip.

Not that it matters but definitely not CCTV footage.
Unless it’s HANDHELD CCTV footage.

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It looks like the left side was low just before the slide, maybe the landing gear broke or the pilot missed the runway.

Yeah, looks like it landed without the left main gear down, which would explain why there was someone filming it. It probably already was an emergency landing.

Looks to me that someone shot handheld footage off of a CCTV replay screen. A close up of the screen explains the “screen door” effect.


True, but not so much for the prey in that picture. Owls are awesome hunters.


It is sort of quaint that people these days have more awareness of screen doors than pixels.


The severed cockpit looks to me like it might be a feature. While it’s hard to see clearly, it seems like a really clean break, which makes me wonder if it’s designed to break like that to make evacuation easier after a crash.

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