Plastic dice in bulk


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play a game called Cee-lo with people that I meet

I play a game with the same name that doesn’t involve dice. The goal is to change the words of a song to completely change the meaning of that song.




I’m imagining that he just wanders around and sees random people and says “Wanna play a game?”. That seems weird, but maybe to extroverts that sort of approach makes sense.

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Well, I think that’s the concept of “cool tools” successfully stretched beyond breaking point…

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Hmm… I wonder if they make Barricade tape that alerts passers-by to ‘STOCHASTIC HAZARD’…When dealing with d6es in that quantity, one has to be prepared to contain spills.


Allow me to nerd this up with some odds.

4-5-6: 1/36
Each Trips: 1/216
Any Trips: 1/36
Each Spare and a Pair: 5/72
Any Spare and a Pair: 5/12
1-2-3: 1/36
Reroll: 1/2
Five consecutive rerolls: 1/32

Except for the five rerolls, these are the odds of rolling that combo an any one roll. You can get a close approximation for the possibility of having it on a turn by doubling the odds.

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I use these (and the blue and yellow and orange and green and purple) for an activity illustrating how entropy works.

But just to clarify, all that nerding aside, the odds of one player winning in a two-player game is exactly 50%, as far as I can tell.

You might as well flip a coin.

Actually, first player has a 1/32 chance of losing by rerolling, I guess. But I assume the first player rotates.

It seems to me that this game would be far, far better if the player could chose to try again after they rolled a valid hand, on the chance of getting a better hand. If you roll again you lose your prior hand, and you lose after the fifth roll as before.

This would make it a much more interesting game of statistics. If you a bad hand on your first roll you’d probably re-roll, but a good hand on your third you’d probably stick.

I wonder why it isn’t played like that.

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Dice, dice, baby

Yeah, the entire game is pure chance. There are no choices made by players. The whole instant win/lose thing muddies the waters a little bit because of who goes first, like you said. But that evens out over time.

Cee-lo short version:
2-6 players. All bet the same amount. One is the roller. They are “1”. The person to their left is “2” and so on. Roller rolls a single die. If it doesn’t match anyone’s number, re roll. If it does, that person gets the money. Person to the left of the roller is the new roller. Repeat until you decide to stop.

C’mon, this is the new millennium - you don’t need to carry/purchase dice…
Print them out with your 3D printer as needed.

Edit: Just keep this baby in your backpack
The Micro 3D Printer

The thought of someone walking around with a MakerBot on a belt clip makes me giggle a little.

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I think this would give later players an edge since they would know what mark they had to beat; at least, unless you made some other changes.

Did I just read that you are teaching kids to gamble? Really?

Lots of one star reviews mentioning poor quality control/manufacturing defects on the dice themselves.

100 dice seems like more than I could use easily but not enough for decorative use or an art project. 10,000 dice on the other hand, that is an interesting quantity.

What’s wrong with that? I have fond childhood memories of playing poker with my family on xmas eve.

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Any idea what the etymology is behind Cee-lo? Also, did Mr. Green take this as his handle because he liked the game?

In our family we play a game with 5 six-sided dice called “You Blew It!” (a variation of which is sold under the name “Farkle”). Anyway, it is similar to Cee-lo but features more combinations of value (trips, straights, quints, etc.) and incorporates some of the suggestions from various responders in this trail, most importantly that you can always decide to re-roll in the hopes of continuing your turn (and presumably getting a better result), always with the risk that you risk losing everything you’ve gained in that round by doing so. It incorporates basic gambling strategies without any money necessary–and is likewise good for all ages, including mixed ages. Of course, you’d have to carry 5 dice in your pocket…

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