Tenzi: fast dice game with simple rules




Thanks Mark for checking out the fast fun family dice game Tenzi.
I see there is a 77 ways to play Tenzi book.
My grand daughters and I started to make up our own games.
Some day when they are older I will teach them Craps and take them to Vegas to win all my money back! :wink:


You don’t take turns; you just roll as quickly as you can. It usually
takes less than a minute for someone to win.

Gameplay-extending variation: use d20s.


I play it with the preschoolers in my class. We don’t play it competitively, each child just rolls their dice to get all their ones, then all their twos, etc. I like it because they can go at their own pace and work on counting skills. Younger children take a loooonng time to get all the way to their sixes, but it’s worth it.


My first thought was just how loud and annoying this must sound to someone nearby.


Ah, that’s the sound of giant tabletop RPG sessions, especially any game involving large quantities of dice. :wink:


My grandfather once chased people out of his house in a fit of rage after being forced to listen to a popamatic game for hours on end one night.


If you want a similarly frenzied-dice-rolling game, but with more, well, game to it check out Escape: The Curse of the Temple.Players are working together to explore and loot an ancient temple Indiana Jones-style (and to rescue each other from bad rolls that make some of your dice lock up) by frantically rolling handfuls of d6s while a 10-minute CD plays.


Other similar games without taking turns we used to play:

Racing Demon:

One pack of (preferably old) cards per player. Turn over cards in threes. Put out any aces and then higher cards in order and matching suit on any stack on the table.

Waddington’s Pit:

Stock exchange game.


'Every player gets 10D6. FTFY.


Ah, the teachers’ dream, the class that runs itself. :slight_smile:


an even better game than yahtzee to use for die replacement for other boardgames.


When me and my sister were kids, my mom got rid of the Operation game we had because she couldn’t stand listening to the buzzer anymore.


I’m with her on that. I couldn’t stand playing it as a kid because of that buzzer.


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