Plastover: celebrate Passover by giving up plastic

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I recently started using a plastic-free grocery delivery service called Zero Grocery (so far they are only in the Bay Area and Los Angeles area) and I am obsessed with it:

The selection is limited, but everything comes in glass jars or recyclable paper packaging, and when they drop off your order, they pick up last week’s jars/bottles. My blueberries come in tiny cardboard boxes (!), and they taste a thousand times better than grocery store berries (which I’m guessing has more to do with the fact that they didn’t sit around in a store than the packaging itself, but who knows).


So you just avoid buying plastic for eight days? That doesn’t seem like much of a challenge.

Not a bad idea. Passover is a one-week long holiday that requires its own separate dishes, cups, cooking utensils etc. and the temptation to use disposables can seem irresistible, especially if you’re hosting a large group (not a concern this year though). And you have to store all that stuff somewhere for the rest of the year.


That’s funny, because I was just thinking that given the amount of plastic packaging I interact with on a daily basis, avoiding it for more than a day or two would be nigh impossible. I’m doing what I can a little at a time, but I just don’t see how I could avoid it altogether.

As a symbolic gesture: sure, go ahead. But it’s not going to stop plastic production. As long as we continue to burn fossil fuels in our motor vehicles, the production of plastic will carry on at the same rate, whether or not we make the individual choice to stop using single-use plastics. Petrochemicals, including precursors for plastics and pharmaceuticals, make up only 11% of refined crude oil. 86% of refined crude goes to producing fuel or lubricants. We don’t extract oil to make plastic – we make plastic because we extract oil. The best way to halt plastic pollution is to stop burning fuel.


Hear! Hear!

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