Play games like Oregon Trail or SimCity inside your own tweets


Note this works for all of the supported jsmess and em-dosbox platforms on the internet archive. Here enjoy pitfall in a tweet.



But but but… why? Does stuffing it into a tweet improve the game in some way? I mean you can grill a turkey in the kitchen sink, but if you’ve got a perfectly good oven… why?


I’m still amazed some sort of copyright whatsit hasn’t torpedoed that archive yet.

Why would you put a turkey in a dry oven if you’ve got a perfectly ■■■■■ dishwasher in which to cook it?

I must be missing something because they seem to just be links to


Wouldn’t using your twitter account to issue one line commands in a game pretty much ruin your twitter account for any other purpose? Who is going to follow you if you send hundreds of barely coherent lines like “move north”, “get lamp”? Am I missing something? Do people make burner twitter accounts just to play things like this?

I think the idea is that will automatically parse the URL and show you the app while viewing the tweet via, and then let you play the app normally. I agree that it seems pretty pointless.

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