Play it now: Stick Shift


Hm, I suspect actually driving stick is not exactly the same as a video game. In fact, the skills may not transfer well. See also: Kung Fu.

Case in point: If you’re actually a guitar player, Guitar Hero is easier on mute.

(Rock Band, actually, is easier if you play)

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I don’t think driving dynamics realism is the point here. Except for the “demonic lights shooting out of eyes” effect when shifting to third, that happens to all of us.


How about the converse: will 10,000 hours of Guitar Hero make you an actual hero on an actual guitar? I have my doubts.

Strangely, playing lots of Rock Band does actually translate over to actually playing drums.

My drummer back from when I was in a band says it’s the best beginning drums tutorial he’s ever seen.

I have another friend who wanted to learn drums, and read about how one could wire up a MIDI drum kit to Rock Band, so he bought himself a $1300 drum kit and did just that.

Also, have you heard of Rocksmith? It’s basically Guitar Hero but the controller is replaced with a real guitar.

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“…and oozing exhaust pipes…”

o.k. that just made me o.d. on my homosexuality…

I knew a guy in high school who pulled his out of the floor and waved it around in the air when he was stoned. Does that count?

If memory serves, Guitar Hero 3 stole Rocksmith’s thunder by providing exactly that same experience (if you bought the optional real guitar controller), and combining it with their much larger library of songs.

Must be a later game. I only bought GH3 and 4, both of which I ended up playing on mute, before buying Rock Band 2.

After playing that a bit, I just started playing guitar again.

Related: I have GH 3 and 4, and Rock Band 2 for xbox 360 for sale, if anyone is interested.

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