The NES Paul: a guitar made from a Nintendo


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Yeah. That’s got to have some superb resonating tones from that plastic POS shell.


Not enough! Keep the processor and reprogram it to produce a dozen guitar effects!


Looks like they grafted a Flying V knock-off onto an NES shell (which is fine by me, just observing the method)-- kinda looks like shorter scale too, but hard to tell from photos.


Can they make one into a bass? I’d like one I can play.


Just don’t unplug it before you save!


What’s next: a Guitar Hero controller made out of a real guitar!


Looks like the kind of thing Bo Diddley might have enjoyed.


I actually built one of these about two years ago:
It’s a blast to play. Unplugged it sounds just as awful as you’d imagine. Plugged it sounds like anything you want it to.

Edit: All the controls are hidden under the game slot.


Seriously, the dogs at the bottom of the page… Too funny. :smile:


Have you seen Jeri Ellsworth’s C64 Bass/Keytar? Most folks would just hollow out a C64 as was done with the NES here. She actually routed the electronics through some of the original C64 audio processing chips :slight_smile:


I’ve seen a few odd things turned into electric guitars, does the “box” part not actually affect the sound? Is it just there to give you somewhere to rest your wrist?


See, that’s a superior mod.

I’m a big fan of the early hardware, as some here can attest, but I think the NES box would make a shitty resonator. The C64 had a weight that the NES never will.


Among guitar makers (I’m related to one),everything is a controversial subject. Whether a particular style bracing on an acoustic has a big impact on an acoustic is a controversial subject. As I understand it, whether oil based lacquer or water based has an impact is controversial.

From the outside looking in, it’s like watching audiophiles argue.

For a solid body guitar, I’m not sure it would matter much but it depends on how much (if any) the plastic is contributing to the hum of the strings. Based on the one video I watched, it sounds like a bit too much of the plastic is involved. What I’m hoping they didn’t do is either mount the bridge to the plastic or reinforce the plastic and mount the bridge to it.

The way Jeri Ellsworth does it in @typorrhea 's video (leave the bridge mounted to wood) is the way to do it. Or at least a better way from a sound perspective. Which is funny because her video doesn’t let us hear the tone of the guitar. :laughing:


It kind’a sucks when you have to blow on it halfway through a set…


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