Play it now: You Are A Horse

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Seems fun. For a possibly weirder horse-related game, you might check out


Bad Horse

He rides across the nation
The thoroughbred of sin
He got the application
That you just sent in

It needs evaluation
So let the games begin
A heinous crime, a show of force
A murder would be nice of course
Bad Horse
Bad Horse
Bad Horse
He’s Bad
The Evil League of Evil
Is watching so beware
The grade that you receive
Will be your last we swear
So make the Bad Horse gleeful
Or he’ll make you his mare…

You’re saddled up
There’s no recourse
It’s Hi-Ho Silver
Signed, Bad Horse


I think they’re taking the piss.

Well, there are several different genres you are talking about. Bojack Horseman falls more into the Petting Zoo People trope, because it is just taken as a given that animals in its world live like people (even if they have some personality attributes from their animal species). Octodad is a little different in that (almost) nobody knows he’s an octopus – that would be closer to the Weirdness Censor trope where people just refuse to notice things that don’t make sense (like vampires, aliens, or animals pretending to be people).

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My lovely horse, running through the field
Where are you going, with your fetlocks blowing in the wind?
I want to shower you with sugar lumps, and ride you over fences
Polish your hooves every single day, and bring you to the horse dentist
My lovely horse, you’re a pony no more
Running around with a man on your back, like a train in the night…

But yeah, play don’t shit your pants. I hope they bring out an xbox one version.


Is the the SEP (Someone Else’s Problem) field included in references for “Weirdness Censor” on that wiki? Cuz if not, I don’t have the stones to go over and fix that. I’m afraid of getting sucked by the TVTropes Hypnosis.

That was weird and horrible. Thank you.

Yep, SEP is a very good example of a weirdness censor and is listed.

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And I raise you one Kristin Schaal is a Horse.


Have you binge watched Bojack season 2 yet? It is daaark, and I think it is episode 11 (maybe 10) that makes him truly unredeemable.

Yes. While I enjoyed the beginning of Season 1 as an “Archer” substitute – Bojack was basically a oblivious charming asshole much in the mold of Sterling Archer, but the second half of season 1 and now season 2 really makes the character have depth. Not that he’s not still a terrible person, but he is self-reflective enough to know he’s terrible and be ashamed of it – which is rare enough in live-action TV, let alone animated. And it isn’t just him – the rest of the characters seem more realistic than most people on TV even if most of them are talking bipedal animals.

I agree. some of the scenes were gut wrenching enough that I don’t know if I could watch them with my SO. And then it goes to jokes sillier than even I make :smile:

He has had four solid chances at happiness–familiar/stable, platonic, appropriate, and romantic. And sweet jebus doesn’t it shine a mirror on (at least me) all the things wrong we have done in our lives.

Aaaaand back to horses!

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