Play this fun fake news quiz: "Snopes or Nopes"

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7/10. This is harder than it looks!


10/10, lucky me! The Republicans (not) clapping thing was the diciest, I thought.


I got 8/10 and missed the question about Republicans not clapping.

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My favorite part was the call to action at the end, with three options in the same typeface and size: “SHARE ON FACEBOOK”, “SHARE ON TWITTER”, “CHER ON SNOPES.”


8/10 here, and the two I got wrong were ones that I really couldn’t care about one way or the other, 'cos they were both regarding social media stuff, which I just don’t do (the TikTok one and the Kirsty Alley / Stephen Hawking one.
There were lots that were just a crap-shoot for me too, like whether the woman changed her name or not (I don’t even know who she is), and how many times Joe propesed to Jill.
Both were things I have no opinion on one way or another, and I simply DGAF.

But I’m also very aware that I’m not USAian, and therefore probably not the target audience.


I got a couple of these wrong, because of wording like “not a single republican clapped” or “the lawmaker expressed genuine concern”. Others provided no more context than the title. For example, I had no idea what was supposed to be up with that lighthouse, but yeah sure, it was a real picture of a lighthouse, I guess. But even among those, some of those had such ridiculous titles I just said “false” out of hand.


9/10…I got the Elvis Presley one wrong.

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