Jimmy Kimmel pokes fun at congressman who got caught tweeting fake photo

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I would like to give the congressman the benefit of the doubt that he didn’t mean to mislead the public with that photo, but the fact is that conservatives have been willingly spreading invented bullshit as gospel truth for years, decades even.

Whenever I bring up with a conservative “the website snopes dot com investigated this and found it was false” I hear “oh but that is a known liberal hoax site!” Well, snopes disproves myths of all kinds, including falshoods spread by the left. The fact that such a great many of the things snopes addresses are conservative memes should be a wakeup call that conservatives are just bigger offenders on that front.


It’s telling that there’s no such thing as a “conservative” version of Snopes or Politifact.


I think the legal term for what they do is called “reckless disregard for the truth.” They may or may not know that the claims they are spreading are lies, they simply don’t care.


The best reaction would be to handle this kind of like Dan Savage handled Rick Santorum.

The Deep Fake community needs to make tons of videos with Paul Gosar deep faked into humiliating positions. Doesn’t matter what sort of video, as long as it’s something that Gosar would read as reasonably offensive and or humiliating. I would just say deep fake him into some gay porn, but I think the “Internet” could come up with something more offensive then gay porn.

Make enough to where his name just becomes the definition of photo and video fakery

“No, that video is fake, it’s been Gosar’d”



“Good luck trying to cancel it”…

Open the App Store - click your profile - click “Subscriptions”. Voila. Jimmy got bad info for an old version of iOS. But I guess a 3-click procedure just isn’t funny.

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Sure there is. If you want to know what’s real, just look it up on Conservapedia.


There is a “conservative” version of that notoriously liberal site, Wikipedia; it is called “Conservapedia”. I read a little bit of it; and it is like sticking your head in to the Mouth of Madness.

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"No one said Obama met with Rouhani in person.”

With all of Gosar’s bullshit, I missed that bit. Met him “in person”? Implying that he did meet him, but some other way? (As if that made any sense.) Even his denial becomes an attempt to smear.

There were too many layers to the misleading, though. Not just distributing the photo, but implying that picture of Rouhani was of Suleimani by talking about them “both” being out of office now, etc.

You can’t get through to them because facts are a liberal hoax. I’m not even kidding here. American conservatism has decided that anything that disagrees with them is a hoax. People who teach facts are liberal conspirators, institutions that hire people that teach facts are left-wing brainwashing centers… Trump is the perfect Republican candidate because the party is now premised on the fundamental rejection of reality.


It’s pretty hard to imagine there’s anything the deepfake community can come up with that’s more humiliating than these ads in which six of Paul Gosar’s real-life siblings “wholeheartedly” endorsed his opponent in the 2018 race:


Dear lord, even the wiki is insulting.

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Against Pope Francis, for Steve King, Tommy Robinson, and Unite The Right.

What a gentleman.

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Christ, what an asshole.

PS This is not from the Tonight Show, that’s the other Jimmy


Of which there are fewer, it is worth noting.


I did address that with “conservatives are just bigger offenders on that front.” Perhaps it wasn’t clear.

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