Right-wing media ran dozens of "Middle East hot takes" by fake authors

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2020/07/07/right-wing-media-ran-dozens-of.html


American movement conservatism has been grounded in fraud since the 1980s. Which shouldn’t be news to anyone who saw “trickle-down economics” for what it was.


It’s great that they were able to detect the AI-generated fakes! But that’s probably going to get harder and harder.


Right wing media and fake news? Really? Say it ain’t so!


I don’t think they’re any wiser after the exposure either. It’s not going to make a bit of difference to them.


Living in a Bruce Sterling novel is not as cool as I thought it would be tbh


That tripped me up, too. This will go in the fake news pile, with all the other evidence they’re being conned.

If you can get past how obnoxious and dangerous the core conservative voter is, you could really pity them. They exist to be exploited, by their political leaders, by their religious leaders, by foreign governments, by media personalities shilling bullion at twice the spot price and colloidal silver, by pyramid schemes. They are like the human batteries in the Matrix movies, powering an enormous world of almost fully automated grifting. They will believe that up is down and left is right, as long as you tell it to them the right way.

Speaking of which, does the RNC sell its email lists? Asking for a friend…


great, so now anybody with bad teeth is going to be called a fake person? Think of the British


i just can’t, you know, believe it!

That, unfortunately, works on almost everyone, not just conservatives. You read a story, but odds are you will never read the correction even if there is one from the same source. If you read and believe a story once it’s very hard to unbelieve it.

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Tom Cruise also has three front teeth, and I don’t think he is AI-generated. I might be wrong about that, though.


True that most people don’t see corrections to stories. But conservatives will insist that the correction was a mistake, or the Deep State trying to hide the truth. Or all part of Q’s grand plan.


Some of these sorts of criticisms have been leveled at the Lincoln Project-- here’s an attempt at a defense.

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It really won’t make a bit of difference, as the previous poster stated. The fact that their news is also fake news will go right in one ear and out the other. Further proof of, of…well, something.

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Hot button issues are also used against the left as well, with the largely centrist Democratic party getting elected on a few issues but failing inspire the 99% with the rest of their policies.

We really need something like ranked choice voting so people could vote for Warren or Sanders, but still fall back to the guy everyone thinks will win but doesn’t inspire. We need to sell corporate media that it would be profitable to keep the campaign a lively spectacle until the last minute.


Is there any news site that has a page where they list their corrections and retractions?

I have a colleague who works with this technology and he was remarking that the class of errors the Daily Beast discovered were common with StyleGAN1. StyleGAN2 does a much better job of avoiding them.

There are other tells that the picture was generated with StyleGAN. Look at the background. Is he in a tent out in the woods with a partially open flap? No, the technology doesn’t really understand backgrounds so it makes a lot more errors with them.


Journalistic fakery to support an aggressive foreign policy stance?

I wonder where they got the idea?


im confused by the use of “also” in this context.

mainstream media is sensationalized, they often report government and cop propaganda as truth, they frequently give white cis hetro men the benefit of the doubt, and under report stories about groups other than cis white hetro men and women… but they’re generally comfortable with fact.

fox news has a long history of manufacturing news, deliberately misreporting stories, and refuses to acknowledge facts such as climate change or, until recently, coronavirus. and even they are more restrained than most right wing news organizations

anyway. “also” confuses me.

I mean, it’s satisfying to find artificial sockpuppet idiots at bilge pumps like NewsMax, but they have an extraordinary number of actual legitimate idiots – what’s the remedy for those?