Right-wing media ran dozens of "Middle East hot takes" by fake authors

Not so much “bad teeth” as 3 incisors in front with one central one? not 4, 3…

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I’m saying that to them, the real news is fake news. Now their news is also fake news. It’s all fake, nothing has any meaning any more.

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Tom Cruise is fake news? I knew it!

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Well, he is fake news, but he’s still got 4 incisors. They’re just not centered (or more likely the tip of his nose isn’t centered).

Sounds like 2016 to me. Tramp got billions of bucks of free MSM airtime, grabbed many audience eyeballs, and greatly enriched the MSM with fat advert rates. Don’t expect much change now.

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Brits in general have good, if not cosmetically perfect teeth, having until recently had socialised dental care. Americans who can afford it have great looking teeth. Look in the mouth of a Trumpkin, I dare you…


The Graun does.


Still waiting on one for “we accidentally gave a lot of bandwidth to transphobic assholes”, but still.


True. We would probably have to legislate that the top several candidates get equal airtime in equal time slots, paid and unpaid.

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