"Right-wing" websites scamming readers with fake celebrity pitches

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I suspect it started as a generic scam ad company (one of thousands) but it self-selected for a conservative audience because they are prone to conspiracy thinking. It’s a well known effect that if you believe one conspiracy, you tend to believe all of them. If you think the government is hiding alien spacecraft, you also tend to be an anti-vaxxer, climate change denier, Stop The Steal believer, etc. You are likely a conservative these days because of those other beliefs, not the other way around.

Furthermore, smaller and more conservative outlets don’t vet the content in their ad verticals. You can always tell you’re on a conservative site because all the ads suddenly go full Bizarroland. Prepper chow scams, gold scams, pyramid schemes, etc.


Right Wing indeed:

The address for Saber Comm is also the home of a “Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership

If you want to be RESPECTED by the political class…
If you want to be FEARED by the political class…
If you are frustrated by politicians who say one thing at the Tea Party Rally, but break their promise at the Capitol…
If YOU want to create change…

You need to be at this school

Also Paul Milde is full trash MAGA:

“Virginians elected Glenn Youngkin to put a stop to the nonsense of the woke liberals. But, they have been unwilling to retreat or relent on implementing their extreme agenda. Now, they’re going after George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison in their continued efforts to indoctrinate children attending our public schools. They want to diminish our history and weaken our schools. I’ve been fighting the woke liberal agenda for years.”

These folks are up to no good at all.


Registered in Delaware but run from Florida is exactly what everyone would expect of a sleazy online marketing company, clients included, so they know what they’re doing.


It’s one of the core rules of grifting: go where the suckers are.


Once again it brings to mind the interview of the spammer who said he started specializing in right wing only spam simply because those people would click on any link he sent them.


But also how the majority of business in America operates. Every perfectly normal and legit company that I worked for down there was incorporated in Delaware. The Delaware tax shelter is MBA 101. Why this transparent disingenuous tax avoidance has been allowed to go on for decades is one more thing I’ll never understand about America.


Plus, mainstream advertisers are fleeing these outlets and have been for quite some time. The only advertisers left are various forms of grift; gold scams, prepper chowder tubs, My Pillow, etc.


Yes, very good point. The advertising pool is self-selecting for external reasons as well.


It’s similar for cruise lines. They may be owned by a US based company (i.e. Disney) but the ships are registered somewhere else (i.e. Caymans). It’s done for liability issues. As suing in these other places is difficult.


Yup. They all fly the Panamanian flag or some such. Why they continue to get away with that too, I’ll never understand.


I’ve seen similar (probably same) ads on YouTube.

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I mean, Disney is a florida company run from Florida and registered in Delaware, so… yeah. It’s American as Apple Pie at this point.


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