Playing through a solo game of Frostgrave

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Nothing against Frostgrave here, but it does make me wonder when RPGs/adventure games/etc are going to run out of two-syllable compound word names.

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The sci-fi based follow up to Frostgrave is called Stargrave :smiley:

For some fun, and rather Canadian, table top action, I can heartily recommend Ash Barker’s youtube stream, Guerrilla Miniature Games. There is plenty of fun wizard-on-wizard Frostgrave action on there, plus a bunch of solo wizard games too.

I love the content on there, but Ash speaks so fast and sort of smears his words. I’m hard of hearing, and even with headphones on (and auto-gen subtitles), it’s too much work for me. Shame, 'cause I like the coverage and what he’s about.

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