Review: Wizard Eye: The Art of Frostgrave

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Now that it looks like we’re not going anywhere for Christmas, I’m looking to get a few solid boardgames to play with the kiddos. Frostgrave looks neat. Is it worth it?

We recently got Betrayal at House on the Hill, which was fantastic. The storyline is great and it’s also vaguely cooperative, which helps make sure the kiddos don’t fight too much.

Looking for more games like that. Another possibility is Gloomhaven, but it is $$$:

Any good suggestions?

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FGV is great, especially if you’re on a bit of a budget. All you really need is the rulebook, some d20s, a ruler, and usually ten minis per player. It’s a miniature-agnostic, non-WYSIWG game so you can use any fantasy minis you want. Northstar does have a line of FGV minis that are some of my fave multi-part minis of all time. A few boxes of these and you have enough for your warbands and parts left over. You also need something to act as terrain, but that can be as cheap and simple as you wish to go. It is a reasonably cheap game to get into, you only have ten minis to assemble and paint, and games can go quickly. There’s also a campaign system and its a very narrative skirmish game that you can get as deeply into as you like.

I love Betrayal, too. Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate is great for a little D&D flava.

Another card game that we love around here is Escape the Dark Castle. Very D&D vibe for a simple card game. There’s also Escape the Dark Sector, which is a sci-fi version. Even my partner, who’s not a gamer, she likes playing Dark Castle.

This looks good. A serious contender for Christmas. Horror themed games are always hits around here.

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Have you guys played Horrified? Here’s my review of it and other horror games from Halloween 2019.

A recommendation from my local game store owner was Eldritch Horror. Looks awesome. We’re going with that.

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