Please clap: it's how Medium writers are going to be paid


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Medium should introduce a negative counterpart to “clap” called “slap.”

Indeed. W. C. Fields said much the same:

“Hell, I never vote for anybody, I always vote against.”


And let the STD jokes commence.




Because it’s rarely well done.


I guess it wasn’t enough that they were festooning my screen with dickbars, now they have to add clapbars.

Fortunately there is a content blocker for that, although it really should be renamed “condom” or something.


It’s an interesting experiment. We’ll have to see how it does and what sort of behaviour it ends up encouraging.

Because I can totally see what they’re trying to fix.

Some websites already reward their contributors on the basis of page views, which obviously gives an incentive to produce clickbait, or, as I often see on newspaper websites: outrage-bait- stories which are readily refuted as false, based on faulty logic, or cherry-picked statistics, but they get lots of people viewing them to join in bashing the sheer awfulness of the article in the comments.


That reminds me, I need to cash in my BB likes. I have ~5,100 of them. If possible, I only want to redeem the first $20,000 worth. Do you need a bank routing number, or a tax ID number, or how does this work?


This is a brilliant way to do micropayments. The subscriber pays a fixed amount for access; that fee is paid (minus some overhead, natch) among the contributors on a pro rata basis.

I’d like to see this implemented on a cross-site basis. I’d be willing to pay $100/month for access to “news” – but I’m damn well not going to pay individual subscriptions to the NY Times, Washington Post, LA Times, BBC, Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Time, Business Journal, Le Monde, and a couple dozen more. Let me direct, via “claps” (ugh that coinage is execrable), how my month’s $100 should be apportioned. (If I give only two claps all month, they’re worth $50 each.)

Let the subscriber choose how much they’re willing to pay every month. Individual sites opt into the system by lowering their paywalls to subscribers; each site can set a minimum subscriber level ($10/mo, $50/mo) according to their sense of the market. But very important: if they get no claps from me in a particular month, they get zero share of my $100.

To my mind, this strikes a good balance. Purely individual news reporting won’t work because good news reporting is a team effort, and requires institutional memory. The site has a reputation to build and defend; I can choose the sites I find reputable, enjoyable, entertaining, reliable, or whatever. If a site starts putting up large amounts of clapbait (admit it: you knew that term was inevitable), I can ignore them and deprive them of my clapshare.


I give it a week before people cheat the system with clap bots.



It’s an awkward gesture, but consider that they are trying to pay people, which separates them from a lot of the garbage on the web.


Clap, clap for Tinkerbell or she’ll be dead forever!


Fortunately, there’s no way to game this system. Almost certainly not. Well, probably not.

Okay, maybe.

Make that definitely. It’ll be a shit-show.



Will the author be paid the same whether I go click…click…click…click…click…click…click, or


Pays out in soros bucks I think, connect it to your account for that; right between the redeem options for paid protests and tree hugging.


more fuel to the fire of the “Americans clap all the time” meme. Next there’ll be a virtual fountain we can throw coins in.


I"m to lazy to self clap. I’d want to use a bot for that.


Erotic fiction would have the f… (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)