Please Don't Tell My Parents I'm a Supervillain



Sounds like fun!

Whenever i see novels about superheros, i like to recommend my favorite story in that vein:

For a more serious (and less pg13) take on the same basic idea check out the web serial Worm

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Only available as a Kindle download?

What a title. :smile: Reminds me a bit of the original graphic novel behind Wanted. (Which, if you saw the movie and did not read the graphic novel… well, in the graphic novel it was totally different: the kid discovers his dad was a famous supervillain, and supervillains had, in fact, taken over the planet, secretly. He then comes to grips with this.) Like that, sounds like it is exploring the limitations of “morality”, where so often kids seem as if to find themselves “supervillains” according to their parents old standards… when, in fact, they are grasping at a higher morality that means a path so dark, it can seem evil. Sometimes, it is.

Other times, that darkness is just light so bright it blinds.

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