The 'Don't Tell My Parents I'm a Supervillian' series


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"Your first doomsday machine is a malevolent, inscrutable wristwatch.”

Ah, so that is where Apple got the iWatch. It all makes sense now.


Damning the 2d book with faint praise


The audiobooks are very well done as well. There is also a prequel set before Penny was born: I Did NOT Give That Spider Superhuman Intelligence!


And how does it compare with Wildbow’s Worm?


Sounds awesome! I find YA to be one of the best genres out there, even for an Old Adult like me.


Could be worse… they won’t even print the 4th one…


Anyone else read the title and think butters?


Regarding me instead, I really cannot stand it - it’s a personal preference of course…

But I just wanted to observe that in the past BB was overflowing with wonderful books reviews, on any topic, and it allowed me to discover many incredible writers.
Nowadays instead, it’s almost always YA and nothing else.

… and I’m visiting BB less and less


Aren’t books written for that age group designated Middle Grades, rather than Young Adult? That’s what a writer friend told me, though some publishers and booksellers have their own opinion.


Bye, Felicia!


I haven’t read this series, but I did read the author’s Quite Contrary, which was excellent, if a little too dark for most kiddos. Twelve-year-old Mary has stumbled her way into the Story of Little Red Riding Hood. Fleeing from the Big Bad Wolf, she crosses through many fairytale lands, desperately seeking allies to help her escape her destined fate. But it looks like nothing and no one can help her avoid that final confrontation with the Wolf, which only one of them will survive… it’s dark, and it’s gory, and Mary is not always the most loveable protagonist, but I really enjoyed it. If this superhero series is as good, I’m going to have to grab it!


I really enjoyed Don’t Tell My Parents…, but only read half of Mary, Mary; didn’t realize it was the same author.


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