Why the Twilight series doesn’t deserve our hatred


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I would have expected a 404 after clicking the article.


Reserving my right to loathe Twilight since I loathe Fast & Furious no less.


And do not forget that the series of books and movies _50 Shades of Something was originally created as a Twilight fanfiction.


If I wanted a vampire to sparkle I would set it on fire.


Filing this away with the videos that tell us we shouldn’t hate the Star Wars prequels so much.



The best part was Star Wars fans making fun of Twilight.

I doubt any of the Twilight movies were ever as transparently crass as Rogue One.


I don’t hate Twilight because it was popular with teenaged girls.

I hate it because it romanticizes romantic abuse, stalking, racism, sexism, unhealthy relationships, toxic masculinity, violent jealousy, and a host of other bullshit that gets real people hurt and killed by their partners.


That about sums it up.


Mind you, there was this one new years day a few years back when I noticed a teenage girl eyeing me off, when I was suffering a severe hangover… So I guess it was a pretty good thing for ghoulish-looking pedos.


Now, that being said, I will give Meyers props for one thing: Her support of the fandom’s right to write fanfic. While I’m revolted by the source material, the fact that she didn’t act like so many other IP holders and say “No playing in my sandbox” but instead allowed others to play is something that I do have to respect.


Actually, those movies are very amusing if you watch them from the perspective that the bromance on display is actually latent homoeroticism.


Whole lotta insecurity goin’ on.

But what shat me even more than the epic amounts of strutting wank was how the screenwriters (and presumably almost everyone else involved) knew fucken diddly about cars.


Are the other two any good at all? Asking because I totally gave up after being subjected to the mess that is The Phantom Movie, er Menace.


For mine, anything without Jar Jar was watchable


I LOVE the really lo-tech way way they got that guy to emit smoke in that dawn scene – sewed cigars in his coat and then lit them. He stank for days after.


I was surprised by this video when I saw it, and I definitely think it’s worth the watch. Also, it’s much more about why Meyers and teen girls don’t deserve the ire Twilight hatred brought against them and not about Twilight itself.


It may not deserve our hatred, but I’m still not convinced the series deserves our love.


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