Please give us a way to turn off all this new AI shit on the BBS

Now that I’ve had a few minutes to look around the code in Dev Tools, here’s the Adblock rules I’ve found that you can use to get rid of all this AI shit:

  • Hide “Ask AI” while highlighting text:
  • Hide “AI” popup while creating a post: and
  • Hide “Summarize with AI” from the topic root: ##.topic-strategy-summarization.btn-primary.btn-icon-text.btn
    • Hide “Summarize with AI” and “Show top replies” (if you don’t want to see that bar at all): ##.topic-strategy-summarization
  • Hide “Related” items at the bottom of the post: ##.nav-pills.nav .btn-icon-text.btn
    • Hide “Suggested” and “Related”: ##.nav-pills.nav

You can scope to the BBS only by adding before the ##.

If you’re using 1BlockerX on iOS as an adblocker, use the same rules but remove ##.

I’ve confirmed these on my phone and in desktop Edge using uBlock Origin.

You may now resume trying to break this AI shit.

(I’ll edit this post as I come across more things worthy of blocking.)