Please note that the at-home "metoo"-branded rape kits aren't real products

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This is exactly the sort of thing a misogynist would devise to dissuade rape survivors from seeking qualified medical care including legally admissible evidence.


It’s also exactly the kind of thing a grifter who had no regard for the medical, emotional or legal needs of sexual assault victims would do to make a quick buck. Either way it’s almost certain that a man came up with this idea.


I’d argue they’re “real” — they’re just not any good for what you’d want to use them for.


If you read the excerpt from the article, the co-founder is a woman who was using her experience as a sexual assault survivor to make the process of gathering evidence easier for women. Unfortunately, good intentions are just not going to be enough in this case.


Candace Owens first came to the world’s attention as an anti-Trump blogger starting an ill-considered database of online harassers. That’s not to say she, or this entrepreneur, were misleading anyone. Just that the marketplace has its own plans for our talents.


Yep. Responses to trauma may include impetus to perpetuate trauma or harm in new ways.


Some names can be alarming if you stop and think about them.

Modeling kit. Ok, I’ll make a model. Fun.
Rape kit. Uh, no. You sicko!

Diversity training. Great! I’m up for more diversity in the workplace.
Harassment training. Uh, I don’t want to get better at harassing. Can I go to diversity training instead?


So, a Trump product?


It would be like marketing this as a “home crime investigation tool.” Yes, it can legitimately document fingerprints. No, it won’t do you any good if your home is burglarized.



Also not encouraging that “penile” is misspelled on that swab


If the future is a boot stamping a human face forever, own a boot factory.


As much as I dislike lawyers, this is why you should consult them. Or, you know, watch a few hours of CSI. You can’t just show up with a bag labeled evidence and have it admitted into court. Hell, people get off all the time because cops screw up how they get evidence, label it, store it, have it messed with later, etc. If they just hired a guy for an hour consultation they would tell them how bad of an idea it would be. In fact I am pretty sure a lawyer could sue them into oblivion on behalf of a client who used a kit only to to have it turn out to be worthless.

Huh - yeah - why don’t they call it Anti-Harassment training?

Or Drug tests.

“I took as many drugs as I could find, I hope I pass the test!”


Yeah I’d avoid looking to CSI for insight into the forensic investigation process too.


I could see that happening. It would be similar to the anti-choicers’ “Pregnancy Crisis Centre” big-store grift in that way.

Unless every component is clearly marked “Not admissible as evidence in a court of law” then a state AG needs to sue the irresponsible and/or malicious distributor of this product out of business.


They’re in the early stages and haven’t worked out all the angles, but by all means rush that product to market right away. No one expects a usable, safe product on the first iteration.

Also, by all means appropriate “Me Too” for your for-profit company.

Also, would this not be considered some kind of medical device for regulation purposes?


I’m not even sure what the swabs were for but the tape is low quality. Woman was able to break loose and get away. I give this rape kit 1/5.


Better call it turnip kit.
Besides a burlap bag filled with turnip could be useful to stop an assault.

Seriously I think that box is borderline to a scam and will be less useful than say an audio recording device to gather evidence.

I have a feeling this kit might be worse, legally, than Monica Lewinsky type methods, since buying it in advance makes it harder to argue that you weren’t aware of the evidence-handling standards you failed to meet.

Not to mention how accused date-rapists’ lawyers would inevitably spin it (“she planned this #MeToo-branded shakedown before she even got in my client’s car”).


OH it by no means reflects reality, but IIRC they have had episodes where evidence was thrown out by mistakes they’ve made.

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