Sheriff says rape kits are irrelevant because most rape accusations are false


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Jesus H. Are we living in the past now? Where did all these knuckle-draggers come from?


It is hard work being a shire’s reeve, if dealing the procreationally prolific, lazy and crimophilic peasantry wasn’t enough, there’s the jewry and mud people and uppity wimmim wandering about freely.


Words fail me… Just… Words fail me here at how mind crushingly STUPID this guy is.


Where exactly does he get his data to arrive at this conclusion?


“but the majority of our rapes that are called in are actually consensual sex.”

It’s a tight race for “asshole of the year”, but let’s make room for this guy.


They’ve always been with us, but the problem is there are still many who haven’t moved forward in spite of, or because of, the world changing around them.

But let’s give this guy some credit. He just offered an excellent reason to support changing the law to centrally collect and track rape kits rather than leaving it up to law enforcement officers.



What need has he of this thing you call “data?”

His cultural preconceptions are infallible.

And besides, he’s a LEO, so there is no consequence (to him) for being wrong about this.


This. is. not. new.


We don’t need those stinking badges


Trump is showing them it’s okay to let their inner hatemonger run free. At least that’s what they think is happening.




Filing a report and getting a rape exam is basically the cherry on top of the consensual sex you just had.


Maybe Super Sheriff tested 4 kits. All of a sudden, 3 of the women came back and said that they lied and had consensual sex. So, extrapolating that out instead of tediously investigating these “crimes” he came up with his 25% is actually, possibly rape. Thus the other 75% has to be consensual. And really, that 25% could be even smaller because maybe some of the women were too busy getting their hair did or making dinner to come back to tell him that they lied about being raped. Hell, the rape stats in Bingham county could be grossly overinflated.

Who am I kidding, fuck this guy.


I would be interested in knowing how much support this bill had in the Legislature before Sheriff Rowland got involved. It passed unanimously after he made his comment. Did some legislators decide to vote for it who weren’t originally going to so they would not be tarred with the guilt by association brush?

(I have this theory that the best way to motivate masses of people to act is by giving them an antagonist to act against: e.g. mad scientists, alien invaders, Trump.)


You’re being quite charitable in suggesting that Trump is the best way to do anything.


Trump is one of the best ways to raise my blood pressure.


And today is the day I leave on vacation.

Don’t fail me, peeps!


From all those untested rape kits of course.