Plenty of Jedi at the Star Wars Celebration


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I kind of want to show up to one of those things in full Klingon battle uniform just to see what happens.


Beyond epic. Just finished the full rewatch (1/2/Clone Wars/3/Rebels/Rogue One/4/5/6/7) this weekend, which makes all these cosplay outfits all the more poignant.

I really wish I could have been there.


Is the bb8 photo using the new iphone 7 portrait mode? The effect is clearly not as clean as I thought it was going to be. The distortion is actually difficult to look at.


… possibly something along these lines:


How long is the weekend in your universe? Also… impressed!


Whatever it was, it wasn’t an iPhone 6s/7 - the colour space of the jpeg is not DCIP3. Also, it looks like the terrible depth-of-field effect was just whatever horrid resizer was used on the image (@beschizza ?) - the original image as submitted to us was: Original


Sweet! I’m getting my costume ready for the Cantina pop-up bar in Hollywood. I will be Generic Background Tatooine Cantina Regular.


Haha! No, this weekend we finished our run, we certainly did not watch all several-hundred episodes of Clone Wars / Rebels in one weekend! (We did, however, manage The last few episodes of Rebels plus Rogue One / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 this weekend!)


Probably something done by hand then, makes more sense.


It’s called Comic Con and nothing happens because Klingons are all bark with little bite.

In other news, really need to finish my armor…


god, these are SO good. geeks of all stripes make me happy, but especially star wars geeks. my people. <3


I saw some real awesomeness there.


Is that gonk droid costume made from a couple of storage bins? Ingenious! And I love action figure Leia. People are so creative.


There is some fantastic work there and a bunch of people having a good time by the looks of it. I don’t know why, but my favourite is the Yavin Base Rebel.


The original photo was taken on my iPhone 6 and the only editing done to it was to slightly lighten it using the native photo editor on the iPhone (since the indoor fluorescent lighting at the convention was dim). This is the version in the body of the post. The cover image at the top of the post was altered by Boing Boing editors and I don’t know what they used to do that.


Kid Thrawn is amazing.


How could you miss this Ewok?


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