Pluto of the day


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Looks like Mars did 100 years ago. Some features, but sorta blurry.


Most epic whaletail evar.


It looks like a 50’s B-Movie planet :slight_smile:


What fantastic civilization awaits our discovery!


It’s very exciting. I still don’t see ‘the whale’. I love it though. X


According to the NASA site, at five days out it had 3.3 million miles to go, making its approach speed, well, let me just whip this out – reaches toward pants – crowd intakes breath sharply – pulls calculator from belt – crowd goes phew in relief – 660,000 miles per day or 27,500 miles per hour. Not too shabby, but not ludicrous speed. You don’t want to take forever to get there, but you also don’t want to go screaming past once you’ve gone all that way. I wonder if they saved any prop for slowing once they got close.


Much better than the old artist’s renditions we had before:

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From what I’ve read they went as fast as they could go, slingshotting around Jupiter, and are heading off out of our solar system. It’ll only be the 3rd man made object to leave. All on ~140 pounds of propellant.


They didn’t save any prop for slowing. All that is long gone. All they got are the gyroscopes now to keep the cameras and antennae pointing the right way.


More than four and a half billion miles from the center of the solar system and it’s amazingly well-lit.

I have even greater respect for the sun.



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