Podcast Download Mis-Links: Is it just me?

I download the various Boing Boing podcasts in mp3 form, for listening on an old player.

I don’t use iTunes, I use the links right in the podcast’s entries.

I’ve noticed some problems with download links lately; even though I don’t use them, the embedded players sometimes have problems too.

Some recent examples:

The entries for Futility Closet #19 and #18 had download links that resulted in a request to download episode #17. The entry for episode #21 (http://boingboing.net/2014/08/06/the-story-of-franz-stigler-ga.html) has a link that results in episode #20 downloading (http://tracking.feedpress.it/link/6445/160417/Futility_Closet_podcast_-_Episode_21.mp3) (Yes, it says 21 in the link, but try it.)

I’ve also seen the You Are Not So Smart embedded player appear in other podcasts’ entries. (Not right now, though.)

Sooooo. Is this just me? I’m using FireFox 31 on a Fedora 20 KDE system. Or systems, it happens on two different systems. Maybe there’s some kind of caching effect.

Beyong this oddity:

Perhaps this thread could be used for ongoing reports of podcast issues.

It’s not just you. I get it too.

I’m wondering if it’s an artifact of extensions, since I use a large number of them that are capable of modifying pages. I’m using chrome with privacy badger, adblock, and adblock plus (which I figure are the most likely to be at fault).

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