Podcast recommendation: Learn your British history with Rex Factor


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Yes this is a great podcast, I’ve been listening live since about George II and catching up with the older eps in between.

Other history podcast recommends, anyone? I like

http://www.revolutionspodcast.com/ and its predecessor http://www.thehistoryofrome.typepad.com/
http://spacerockethistory.com/ (for dedicated space geeks only)


Great podcast - if you hear the world is going to end and you won’t have time to listen to the whole series, skip ahead to Charles II. They’re obviously huge fans and it’s an affectionate and funny episode.


They should do the next series on greatest Prime Minister.


I like BackStory a lot. They look at issues of modern interest from the perspective of American history. They have an extensive back-catalog, going back to 2008.



I know America doesn’t have a lot of history, but even so… :wink:


I’ve been listening live since about George II

Now that’s impressive.


Those weekly updates via stagecoach and sailing ship were a bitch.


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