New podcast series from my favorite history audioblogger


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Interesting. Hopefully, the audio will be good.

If you like history podcasts, you have to check out Hardcore History. The series on the Mongols is excellent, and the Roman Republic one is epic.

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Mike is one of the best podcasters out there. He uses a good microphone, understands how to work with a mike, does not swamp you with his musical intro and outro and records at a good bit rate so he doesn’t sound like he is talking via tin can and string and has a good clear voice.

He uses a good conversational talking speed and doesn’t sound like he is reading something he is unfamiliar with.

His podcasts should be the gold standard for how to do it. I’ve had to give up on so many excellent podcasts where they used a $10 microphone and record at what sounded like 16 kilobits so that they sound like a bad digital attempt at a robot with that horrid phase shift overtone you get on bad international phone calls that go by sattelite plus popping their “p” and “b” sounds or mumbling or sounding like a ten year old reading a Thanksgiving pronouncement in sixth grade.

His new 'cast on various historical revolutions is as good as his History of Rome. Engaging, thorough without being pedantic and with amusing asides that keep the whole thing from being another dry lecture.

Try it, I think you’ll be hooked. Grab his History of Rome series as well. There’s only one or two other podcasters I enjoy as much as this guy. he is Better than the majority of professional podcasters at CNet and elsewhere.

Hardcore History is pretty darn good also. I suggest History of Byzantium and History of Britain as worthy additions as well.

I’m a huge fan of Hardcore History. Dan Carlin talks about history like a sports fanatic talks about sports. Lots of excitement and interesting what ifs.

I’ll definitely check out Michael Duncan

Mike Duncan is the bomb! I’ve read Christopher Hibbert’s Rome, and Duncan’s podcasts stand up very well in comparison for the ground they cover in common. The big difference between the two is that Hibbert strictly focuses on the city and covers a greater time-span, while Duncan examines the Empire to its demise.

Once you discover how awesome and entertaining Duncan’s podcasts are, do be so kind as to make a donation. Dude and his wife had a baby not long ago, okay?

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