"History Listen" is a new podcast about rock n' roll, narrated by St. Vincent

Originally published at: "History Listen" is a new podcast about rock n' roll, narrated by St. Vincent | Boing Boing


an Audible original

Oh well, so much for that. I would have enjoyed listening to it.


Audible sigh*. :confused:

Edit for *band name!


The podcast you want is A History of Rock Music in 500 Sonngs. It’s a 10-year project, fantastically researched and really well written.


I’ll check it out. And welcome! Excellent first post, informative and useful, you should stick around.

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Ugh. :roll_eyes:

I was bummed to not write the punk episode … though it’s probably for the better, cuz I don’t care for the Sex Pistols, even though I’ll acknowledge they were important for the cultural movement.


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But thanks for creating a whole ass account to dismiss this one, I guess…

You don’t have to like them, but like it or not, they are historical significant.

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If people want history that just confirms their tastes, that’s not history, it’s hagiography. There are plenty of books that will rip apart SP as posers if that’s what people are after, but that’s just not history.

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Yeah, exactly. They represent the moment that whatever you want to call the wildly varied explosion of talent in the 70s (Stooges, Blondie, NY Dolls, X-Ray Specs, The Straglers, etc) and commoditized it into a homogenous, sneering, male-centric product for angry jerks. Blecch!

I’ve never been sold on the McLaren/Westood/Pistols story. Ymmv.

Jon Savage’s work takes all that into account (the problematic issues), and still comes down on the side them being historical significant. Again, historical relevance isn’t about our personal tastes.

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