Video: "A History of Rock in 15 Minutes"


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god dammit


Is it wrong that I was hoping this would be about Geology?


Rick Astley


Where’s the Seeds / Pushin too hard?


The final entry can’t be rock and roll at all if that joker couldn’t even spit pigeon poop at the audience and smile about it, Or is THAT what these pantywaists brought to the medium?



Best rickroll ever.


is this history if you’re a time traveller.


Way to represent, ladies. Oh, wait, nope.


Yeah, um. I mean, nicely mixed and all but it was pretty pop. It reminds me of the grim liklihood that the future oldies stations aren’t going to play anything I ever listened to when I was in high school. Figure I’ll be lucky if NIN or Manson get a passing mention, and forget about Ministry, Rob Zombie, Pig, etc etc.


that was terrible.


Indeed! What about Big Mama Thornton? I mean, this is the original rock and roll:


This was mistitled. It should be “A White Supremacist History of Rock in 15 Minutes” The erasure is ASTONISHING.


I saw Elvis was first. Stopped the video, closed the browser.
Fuck this shit.


I mean, I’m an Elvis fan for sure, but not only did Little Richard (and others) predate him, L’il R just flat-out rocks harder than E; as well as most of the other featured artists, for that matter.

and apparently the totality of punk rock boils down to The Clash. Or so it seemed before I completely gave up. But yeah, make sure Duran Duran are in there, ferchrissakes (also a fan, but they’re pure pop, to me)


Facebook Propaganda.


Not to mention Bo Diddley… and, for the '90s, where the f*ck is Living Colour? One of the best rock bands your country has ever put out.

That’s the problem with “listicle” history. For the late '60s, where is Steppenwolf? Traffic? CSNY? Ten Years After? (- immensely influential at the time.) In the '70s, Heart (for @ChickieD)? In the '80s, the Cult?

… and so forth, and so forth…

About the only thing that breaks out of a listicle view of rock history is a Peter Green-era Fleetwood Mac song, and that’s a bit ironic, because Fleetwood Mac wasn’t as well-known back then as the others I’ve listed from that period. (I knew their work back then, but it is surprising how many of my rocker friends did not.)


Assumming the comments were genuine, and well researched, I think the facebook theme served as an useful organizing principle.

Reminds me of books like these:

Of course, if the content of those genealogies are suspect , then it really doesn’t matter how pretty the presentation appears to be.


No women rockers, no punk rock, no watch crappy video
(and Elvis wasn’t the first rock n roll artist)