The evolution of punk rock in 200 tracks (1965 to 2016)

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okay, so it’s the evolution of ska. Close as I could get.


cool list. it’s a ton of shit I don’t know, but also a lot of good memories. They’re obviously a sport for putting in both the Toy Dolls and the Dead Milkmen. I woulda figured The Replacements would’ve been on there somewhere, given the other stuff. Love the inclusion of L7 but “Pretend We’re Dead” is their slow, lushly-produced hit (still a great song), but I woulda gone for something off of Smell The Magic.

Suburban Lawns is a good early group I’ve been listening to a bit lately

But his list cuts out recent stuff (or I don’t recognize it?) Somehow, punk’s still not dead and the kids are alright


These guys were…The Beakers?

Is this where I go to complain that they didn’t mention my favorite band/song? Oh, good:

It’s a good list though.


Even before looking at the list, I knew the Sonics were going to be part of the proto-punk set. If any young 'un asks me about punk, that’s where I start.


Interesting list. Some of the song choices are really odd though. And no Rancid?

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Obligatory Naïve but Humorous Take on Punk from 1978:



You know, I’m pretty okay with that.

ETA: (and directed at no one in particular) : Some will question how “punk” some of these acts are, or stuff them into whatever splintered sub-genre they decide they fit into, but this is a damn fine playlist, any way you slice it.

Edited a second time to add:

It’s got Op Ivy; why would you bother with Rancid?


Broken link for me.

Did they include The Monks?

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Yes - Boys are Boys and Girls are Choice.

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Ya good list but definitely not in chronological order. L7 was a 90’s band, no where near early 80s where its included.

And yes The Monks and Rancid is in there.

A good choice. Black Monk Time was my jam CD for the longest time. I almost bought a gitjo because of it.

At least this isnt one of those articles/lists that gets it all wrong by crediting the British for starting punk.

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Awesome list. I’d really have given Death a spot on there though.


So damn true. And I say that as a Scotsman.

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Good to know. I probably skimmed too fast assuming the list was more chronological than it actually is. It’s cool that it’s a playable Spotify list but it makes it hell to actually search and sort.