Punk's not dead in Myanmar


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Little mohawk babies! I love them so much!

Hmm… I was there back in the day. Punk can be defined many way but as a music genre it was about attitude and angst. I didn’t matter if you were NorCal, SoCal, East Coast or Brit. The best bands were angry and did not care. Looking at the photos of these folks it screams fashion statement. The Pistols, GBH, Exploited damn they old and I know! There are alot of good new punk bands today I didn’t see one modern band logo except Slipknot and they not punk. This seems to be more about a fashion fad and not about being punk. Next they will be Day-Glo.

Great pics…the little dudes flipping the bird crack me up. Once upon a time…that was my scene too. I imagine buying all the Bad Religion, Exploited, Cro Mags T-shirts at my local 'shop and delivering them to the brethren in Burma free of charge…but looks like they are doing fine in that regard. 10 years from now…those youth will be mixing turntables and delineate between techno or hip-hop…it seems to be the natural progression.

It’s not just about fashion. It started as a political statement. It is real rebellion.

Couple of old articles:



I was there back in the day too and the most corrosive attitude was when kids called other kids poseurs because of the clothes they wore or the bands they liked. Just saying.


Fuckin’ Ⓐ

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