Oh, Dear Lord, I Have Found Joy

Indonesian Hardcore Punk:

I want to go there and be sixteen again.


You might also enjoy this:


I seem to remember reading something about another punk scene in South East Asia in Der Spiegel, but can’t find it now… if I come across it again, I’ll post the link for you.


Cultural Imperialism spreading the Hardcore message of Love, Strength and Unity is so fucking meta, I can’t even.
(ETA: where’s that excellent .GIF from? She’s punk as fuck. Also, I think that’s a MKI Fiesta, definitely a Morris Minor, some kind of Jag/Daimler XJ, and, I think an Austin Allegro. /carnerd)

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They sound pretty good. You never really hear about bands from that area of the world.

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I think this is a common argument, that capitalism carries its own opposition, because it creates the conditions that create the need for oppositional movements. [edited to add] It looks for uniform, I’d say because it’s addressing similar conditions. This does allow for mutual recognition, but it can change or even destroy local cultural expressions of various kinds, which eventually get turned into static tourist fodder…

Actually the gif came from Boing Boing… I think @xeni originally posted it and I shamelessly stole it.


The cars look a bit too old, but that doesn’t stop me from believing it IS Xeni. or at least her spirit animal.

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That’s a mk1 fiesta, so it could be the right era. Wrong hemisphere though.

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