Podcast recommendation: Pod Save America

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The SAVING has been an ongoing process, for some time.


That didn’t “make” FDR a socialist? My mother-in-law tells us (all the time!) about how people called FDR a socialist. Plenty of people hated him for this stuff.


That’s true. We tend to remember him as an incredibly popular president, which he indeed was (he’s the only one to get elected 4 times, after all), but he had opposition, from both the left and the right. The Republicans and the right wing fascists certianly called him a socialist and communist (Father Coughlin comes to mind). The left, especially the populist left, felt he didn’t go far enough:

But none the less, he got elected 4 times, because people saw measurable improvements during his presidency. Although he could have done much more, the things he did helped a lot of people.


I just got turned on to this podcast via Lawfare. It’s amazing to hear the opinions of these smart people who know what they are talking about and were so recently in the West Wing themselves.

(Plus, I’m mainlining BGaS/Bunker Politics-- all due to boingboing. Damn you, sirs!)

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