New footage of FDR walking




“That’s ball four, and FDR takes his base”


We have some too. It is a terribly dark transfer, but you can see FDR walking down the ramp from his private car; it starts a few minutes after this point:


Way to go Boing Boing. Now I have lost all faith in the Presidency. (Oh, wait.)


Weird this was posted today, last night I saw Ed Asner doing a one man show of FDR. Ed was a bit rough, but who isn’t at 82? I didn’t realize FDR was as mobile as he was, able to walk short distances with braces. He told an anecdote of a brace unlocking and him nearly taking a tumble in public.


FDR didn’t really walk. His legs were nonfunctional. He developed a way of feigning a walk by following a carefully planned route between supports and swiveling his torso to make it look as if his legs were operating.

Which, if anything, is even more awesome.


I can’t decide if the camera operator was just unsteady, or if he was being an ass and dipped the camera on purpose to focus more on FDR’s legs.


In his Fresh Air interview (and presumably the book he wrote) James Tobin talked a lot about how FDR at least largely didn’t hide his polio, as has largely been assumed.


I just watched Hyde Park on Hudson recently.

An astonishingly boring film.


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