Podcast recommendation: The Empire Film Podcast


What, no mention of Jason Isaacs?


Hello to him.


Dagnabbit, as if I didn’t have too many podcasts to listen to already… I’ll never get caught up.

Podcasts are like books, having them will create the time to read / listen to them.

At least that’s my understanding of my lifespan.

Better than Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo on the Beeb?

(I could do without Mayo, but I love Kermode)

Best review of Transformers 2 ever.

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So… if I keep listening to these things, I’ll live forever?

No. Your lifespan expands until you’ve listened to them all. Once Ira Glass signs off at the end of the last remaining podcast on your hard drive, it’s kaput.

Just to be safe, it’s best to collect and never listen.

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Eh, I’m pretty sure that at this point, I’ve got enough un-listened-to podcasts to last several lifetimes. With new ones being added all the time. I’m good.

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