Podcasts we love: NPR's 'Invisibilia' uncovers invisible truths

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NPR’s most popular podcast, Invisibilia

NPR as some great podcasts. Curious about the “most popular” designation; anybody have a link to substantiate?

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Good podcast, but I’m still unclear as to the distinction between “invisible” and “visible” truths. All the philosophy I’ve read has not prepared me to tackle that one. Maybe the Inaudibilia podcast could answer that, but it’s impossible to listen to.

They were recently listicle’d by Buzzfeed.

More and more I just don’t understand what kids are talking about these days…!


Link for those who hate iTunes (everyone, right?): http://www.npr.org/programs/invisibilia/archive


Trust me, you are not alone.


This latest season has some awful sound collage type production at points. I had to stop listening to episode 2 because it got so grating.

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