Poesy with my glasses


I thought Poesy was doing Austin Powers cosplay for a moment, there.


I share the wish for good vision! It’s a weird party trick to have people try on your extra strong glasses and have their eyes slam shut, but mostly, it just kinda sucks.

Happy Canada Dary from the colonies, Poesy!

When does she inherit the red cape and balloon?


Clearly, she needs to cosplay as her dad! That would be amazing!

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The prescription for my left eye reads something like, “Start with a Coke bottle…” But since I’m stuck with these nearsighted eyes, I’ve learned to appreciate 2.5 great things about wearing glasses:

  1. Eye protection. More times than I’ve got fingers my glasses have shielded me from flying bits with an appetite for eyeballs;
  2. Privacy screen. I could give Rob a run for his ADHD money; so easily distracted that it’s tough to get stuff done in social sit-down spaces like coffee shops and libraries. By removing my glasses I can turn everyone else in the room into mere fuzzy shapes that don’t tug at my visual field;
  3. Baby shield. About half the time, babies will grab for the glasses instead of the beard; face appreciates this very much. (Of course, the downside is baby-grabs-glasses, so this is only half a great thing ; -)
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Gah, she’s so cute it’s kiling me. It makes me miss when my daughter was that age…

But clearly, this needs to be a hipster Posey meme. “Cory Doctorow? I was into his stuff before I was born!!!” Okay. I suck at those. But you get the point.


Or just cosplay as herself, since she may well inherit his troll-fighting blogospheric powers…

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That’s even better than mine ;]

Once, when I was in the grocery checkout line with my daughter strapped to my chest in face to face position, she grabbed my titanium frames off of my face and snapped them in half.

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