Little baby girl with weak eyesight sees through prescription glasses for the first time

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This video is a smile generating machine.


This is adorable.

Curious though… Why is she trying on these glasses for the first time in a restaurant and not an optometrist’s office? Not to be overly suspicious (oh, who am I kidding…), but why do they make sure to fit the restaurant sign perfectly within the picture? Seems a bit like an advertisement for a restaurant in Cincinnati. I realize, if this is the case, that they’re advertising primarily to an audience that will not go to their restaurant, but they’d still be advertising to a lot of people who can.

Still adorable though.


When I am King of Earth, everyone shall have access to eyeglasses and dentists.

Two things I am immensely grateful for. I am not well off, but I have teeth and glasses.


So adorable we’ve gone 4 whole posts without some idiot making the tired and obligatory “don’t shoot in portrait mode” snark.

Oh. Sorry!


Never even noticed the background, as I was focused on her happy face. So if it was for some kind of promotion, they failed miserably with me.

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Cute kid getting to really see for the first* time, bicycle riding raccoons, sneezing dogs, rainbow blowin’ whales…

What’s the opposite of a unicorn chaser? I think I need one of those.


I was a bit older when this happened to me, but I do remember having much the same reaction :smiley:


A Bill Cosby or Kim Fowley documentary?

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Put a cape on her, and she’d look like she was doing “Cory Doctorow” cosplay!


All right, who is chopping up onions around here?

Just wonderful.


Urghhh. I think you overshot.


I think that’s a little bit too literal an interpretation of the description, which was “Thanks to her brand-new glasses, baby Piper can see clearly for the first time.” To me, that implies that the glasses were still a new addition to her life but not necessarily that this was the very first time they’d been put on her head.

Anyway, that would be some unusual product placement for a restaurant to say the least. “Hey, we’ll pay to fit your baby daughter with new glasses but only on the condition that she tries them on for the very first time in front of our logo.”


I vividly remember how wonderful putting on glasses for the first time was, and yeah, it’s like that!

I most remember staring at trees with just utter shock since I could see the leaves from a distance for the first time.


A friend of mine says what he remembers most about putting glasses on for the first time is the realization that trees had leaves. Before that, they were just green blurs.

Funny, I didn’t read DimeSpin’s post until after I put mine up. I guess those trees leave an impression.


I’ve got pretty bad eyesight which progressively gets worse. For years when I was a teenager year after year I had to get new prescriptions - after I picked up a new set of glasses every time I would be shocked about the trees and the leaves and how bright and sharp the world is. You feel giddy, just a bit drunk.

Nowadays it’s pretty much stable and I’m happy to be able to see the leaves without squinting that much most of the time but still, a new prescriptions and fresh set of contact lenses make a massive difference in my outlook to the world.


The same guy came into my place and left onions all over the place…

That little girl is so happy

Babies in glasses are freaking adorable. I “lucked out” in that my lousy eyesight didn’t require lenses until I was five.

Just wanted to post that there is a great program called InfantSee that provides free eye exams for babies 6-12 months old. is the website, there are doctors all across the US who participate.

“Even if no eye or vision problems are apparent, the American Optometric Association recommends scheduling your baby’s first eye assessment at 6 months.”

When I took my son for his InfantSee appointment, the doctor explained that they check for things that Pediatrician’s can’t pick up on in their basic eye screenings. She said it is also good to have a baseline of eye health. Anyway, it is totally free, nothing to sign up for. You just put in your address to find a list of optometrists near you who participate and call the one you want to go to and ask for an InfantSee appointment.


We haven’t had Yet Another Gun Thread in at least a week, don’t jinx it…

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