I can see!


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Of course, this is a baby, so he might very well have reacted in pretty much the same way if someone put a hat on his head, no?


My new little niece got pink ones just like those at 18 months. The diagnostic capabilities of eye docs is truly amazing.

I think the next time I see my optometrist, I’m going to insist that I should be able to have my eyes examined without having to answer “first” or “second.” That’s so annoying.:eyes:


Well, my brother said it has created a more happy child. She’s constantly giggling rather than crying.


Saw this article the other day, very heart warming… and the first thing that came to mind was this:


Proving once more that no matter what **** “god” creates to torment babies and children, we humans will find a way to fix it.


Hey, babies smiling for any reason lifts all of humanity!

It’s an interesting contrast to what happens with adults when they have their sight restored after losing it very early in life. This is often a traumatic event, and they still require years to learn to cope with vision after learning to interpret with the world through touch. Sight is more than just rods, cones and nerves translating wavelengths of light into pictures. We still need to learn how to see, even if we have perfectly functioning eyes. The New Yorker ran an interesting article on this a couple years ago:


Because it’s still awesome:


still waiting on the paternity test:


Needed that to offset the news about ‘Goldman Sachs (the worthless piles of shit!)’


No kidding, right?


Considering I’ve had glasses since I was 2… AGREE COMPLETELY.


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